Ways Real Life is Like Video Games

I’ve already explored the ways real life lets a video gamer down, but sometimes, it holds up…

Real life can be like video games in that:

  • It’s dangerous to go alone
  • You are the hero of your own story
  • Even seemingly inconsequential moments can have a dramatic effect on your “story”
  • Everyone else seems like an NPC
  • Sometimes the NPCs seem to be controlled by really bad writing
  • Friendships and deep relationships resonate and sometimes make you cry
  • Your group of friends each has a unique skill set that contributes to your collective victory
  • Sometimes you don’t want to skip the cut scene; you want to languish in every second of it
  • You think about it at night when you’re supposed to be asleep
  • Multitasking is an important life skill
  • There are some really incredible views
  • People are generally kind and helpful as you work toward your quest/goal
  • Sometimes there are bad things in the world; it’s your job to make the world a little better
  • Grinding for money to buy things really sucks
  • There’s something really powerful about collecting the produce from your very own garden
  • Some people prefer to snipe from a distance while others tackle a fight head-on
  • You’ve got to put on your armor before you face your day
  • It’s really great when you get a pet
  • We’re constantly trying to save our place but also want to keep going with the storyline
  • It’s easy to get distracted by someone else’s playthrough
  • It can feel like you’re a lab rat in a cruel experiment where the evil robot is increasingly trying to murder you in clever ways
  • It can take awhile to explore the whole map
  • It’s a bad idea to mess with Ghandi
  • It has repetitive moments and some parts you just have to grind through in order to level up
  • Your level and the amount of gold you have can make a big difference in how the world treats you
  • Even small things can count toward your achievements
  • Collecting things, even silly things, can be a lot of fun
  • There’s someone who will like what you like, if you explore enough of the world
  • The princess may be in another castle, but that doesn’t mean you should stop trying to fight the big bosses

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