Sweet Rejection

I guess I should have been careful what I wished for. Last week I was worrying that I hadn’t gotten any responses for various things I’ve sent out into the world. On Sunday, I got one.

Thank you so much for sending me your submission. I have carefully considered UNDEAD RISING for my list, but in the end it just wasn’t the right fit for me. And that’s not because I got eaten by the zombies lol 😦

I’m going to pass, but am so grateful for the opportunity to review your work. I appreciate how difficult this process can be and wish you all the best and much success in your search for the right agent.
That’s a rejection email from the inimitable Louise Fury, who had seemed particularly excited about my manuscript when I talked to her about it at DFW Con.
So now, as I’ve had experience as a lovesick teenage girl, I’m going to parse what she said for “hidden meanings.”
The first two sentences are obvious: She’s polite but saying no. The third one is killer, though–she must have at least somewhat enjoyed my tongue-in-cheek zombie gamebook (it’s inevitable you’ll die when reading it. That’s part of the fun, I swear!) She gave me a “lol”! She gave me a “:-(“. That tells me she was engaged in it.
That leaves the rest, standard ‘thanks-but-no-thanks’ language. That’s ok. It’s just hard to know what to do next.
I still have another full floating out there with an agent. I’m not sure what to do next (assuming I a) don’t hear from the other agent or b) she also rejects it); I know I sank my query battleship by trying to break the mold a little to be different (this was a catastrophic failure), so odds are good I could restart the query process.
OR, since it may just be that zombies are no longer seen as marketable but my book is still good, I may try to self-pub it and get it out around Halloween. (Probably wishful thinking at this point)
I don’t know. Tough decisions.
What’s your rejection advice?


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8 responses to “Sweet Rejection

  1. Congratulations!
    I say that for every rejection, because it means you’re doing something to further your goals. It doesn’t take that initial disappointment away, but it helps. More power to you! Keep going!
    I wish you the best–whatever you decide to do. πŸ™‚

  2. I say you are in good company- I also received a rejection from Louise Fury. πŸ˜‰

    Have you tried looking at some of the (reputable) small presses? Your book sounds very unique and might find a home with a press that deals in “quirky.”

    You have already gone further than most by a) finishing and b) getting it in front of an agent. Don’t let a silly little thing like a “no” stop you at this point!

    • Thanks, Jodi. I wonder if her very recent switch to another agency was part of it.
      Do you have suggestions on small (reputable) presses? Everyone I’ve shown it to has enjoyed the premise, but it is decidedly unusual, for sure!

      • I had wondered the same thing about the agency switch! Her client list grew quite a bit between when I first started researching her (February) and when I submitted (June). She is very upfront that her current clients are her priority, so she may be focusing on selling before taking on a new group. Not to say that she won’t take on new people, just that it has to be something that really jumps out and grabs her.

        Of course, that is all conjecture. She may have just hated our stuff. At any rate, her clients are lucky to have her and vice versa. I am sad that it didn’t work out, but mostly because I really wanted a Team Fury t-shirt. πŸ˜‰

        I don’t know much about small presses. I would suggest that you check out the Absolute Write and NaNoWriMo forums. You can either pose the question or just scroll old posts – you will find a wealth of good information.

        Most importantly– don’t give up!

      • Thank you! And I see you’re pretty involved in DFWWW. I want to join, but the meeting time is tough for me. I may have to email you for more info, if that’s ok.

  3. Absolutely! The meeting time and distance is tough for me (it is 35 miles from my home), but it only took a few weeks for me to realize I NEED to be there. E-mail me!

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