A Calendar of Twittery Tales

Fantastic author Neil Gaiman launched A Calendar of Tales, a short fiction project, this month. It combined prompts from his massive Twitter following, and now he’s soliciting art to illustrate the final calendar, a story for each month.

It’s a pretty impressive challenge, so I thought I’d grab on to his long, black, mysterious (very well-fashioned) coattails and have a crack at some short fiction, too. It’s good practice.

I love Neil Gaiman!

I’m only a *little bit* of a fan, as you can see.

To really emulate one of my absolute favorite authors, I’ll try to follow his rules:

  • Write a story off the Twitter prompts.
  • Don’t poach Neil’s ideas. I read his stories once, but I’m not going to peek again until after I’ve finished. They’ll use similar themes, I imagine, as I’m starting from the same prompts, but we’ll go different places.
  • Between 500 and 1,100 words (I did a word count on each of his stories to find this range).
  • Spend no more than 3 hours on each story. (This is gonna be tough! I got this figure by assuming he spent 12 hours per day writing for each of the three days it took him to complete this challenge. If I was able to write full-time, I might try the three-day sprint, but this is going to have to do.)

Thanks for the inspiration, Neil!


My first three stories are up!

January (Dangerous Veteran)
February (Grandma’s Pendant)
March (Anne Bonny Dreams)

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