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A Few Suggestions To Help You Complete Your Resolutions

I said on Tuesday that I’m one of those “make a resolution” people. I totally am. I just printed off a list of 5 goals, some with sub-goals to help me achieve the main goals.

But what are these goals? I’m not telling.

Why? A TED Talk told me not to.

Basically, the speaker says that we get such a mental “hit” from talking about our ambitious goals that our brains get confused and feel like we have actually achieved those goals, making us, weirdly, less likely to actually complete them.

BUT! It’s still a good idea to have goals, even if they are tiny. I really love this talk about SuperBetter, a “game” that helps you improve your life.

So that’s pretty cool.

How do you make resolutions that actually stick? NPR can help you out with that.

And then, if you need a little burst of inspiration, check out long-distance swimmer Diana Nyad.

I mean, your resolution probably doesn’t involve sharks, now does it?

Just keep swimming, folks. And good luck with all those goals!


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