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A Book That Keeps On Giving

I’m a little late to this story, but it’s so precious I feel like I have to share it. One of Neil Gaiman’s books–a rare signed hardback ARC of Stardust–is worth a whole lot more than its cover price.
Author Patrick Rothfuss has been coordinating a charity fundraiser for Heifer International (aside: This is one of my favorite charities, too, making me love this story that much more. I mean, you already knew I love Neil Gaiman). Other authors jumped on board this great cause, including Gaiman, who donated an ARC of Stardust.
The book was put up for auction via random drawing: anyone who donated through Rothfuss’ fundraiser had a chance to win it. And so someone won it.
And then gave the book back, with the stipulation that it be re-donated to the auction.
So it was up again. And then the NEXT guy who won it (for a cool $2500!) ALSO donated it back, same as the person before.
And it happened again the NEXT year.
Then it gets trippy. The year after that, the person who won the last time won AGAIN–so they mailed it to her, feeling like this was destiny.
She took a picture with it, admired it… and sent it back again!
(Man, Gaiman must be a bit hurt that no one wants to keep his book!)
In other words, this one (admittedly awesome) sweet little book has raised thousands of dollars (donated oodles of goats!) for a good cause.
I don’t know if I would have the strength to give it back like all those other nice folks did, but it sure does make for a great and wonderful story.

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