To the Bride Who Loves My Wedding Dress

I’ve decided to donate my wedding dress to Brides for a Cause, which will support women’s charities but also gives me a way to share the love encapsulated in my beautiful, knee-length, swooshy, wonderful dress with the world. I included this note to the future happy bride in the box with the dress; I don’t know that the charity will pass it on, but I needed to write the words regardless.

Dear Bride–

I hope this dress gives you the joy it gave me. I love the way it sparkles, how soft the satin feels on my skin, the flounce of it as I walked and danced on my wedding day. And it has pockets, can you even imagine?!

I felt out-of-this-world beautiful in this dress, and smiled like my face would rip. A dress that has that power shouldn’t be hidden away in a closet; it needs to share its love with the world!

So I am honored to pass this dress to you. Look at how it makes your legs look long! I wore bright yellow heels and loved being able to show off that shock of color. This dress is made for dancing, because I believe weddings are made for dancing, but is also good for gorgeous lounging and stately emotional walks down the aisle.

Here is the dress. Make beautiful memories with it.



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2 responses to “To the Bride Who Loves My Wedding Dress

  1. Becly

    This is the most beautiful thing ever. You’re awesome! So glad I got to see it up close and in person. ❤

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