My Wedding Craft Dissolved Friendships

wedding bouquetI wrote a contemplative piece a year ago as a form of therapy after the disaster regarding my bridesmaids before the wedding. I submitted it to the wedding planning site I’d been reading religiously, and then heard nothing for a while, so I assumed it was too bitter for a happy/planning website.

Turns out I was wrong; they just needed the right time. It published earlier this week on (I cannot recommend the site enough for those planning a wedding!)

It’s written as a how-to guide to making paper flowers/a paper flower wreath, but it’s really a way to talk about friendship.

Take a look. Seems to have generated a lot of conversation over there.

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  1. A great article, though it’s very sad what happened. The wife and I had a similar experience, though ours happened after the wedding when we asked our friends to help us move…

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