On the Precipice of Publication

I am almost published. It’s ridiculously close now: I’ve ordered a print proof copy that could be delivered any day now; I’ve previewed and reviewed the Kindle version; I’ve sent out advance copies for review. I could literally push a button and have it published (to Kindle) right now. 

But there are still decisions to be made: I stared at the screen with the two little buttons about DRM (digital rights management) for about 15 minutes–do I let this ebook be shared, in the spirit of print, or lock it down so I can earn more money? 

And there’s this whole new, scary arena that’s opening up: how am I going to market this? I mean, I probably should market it somehow, right, more than just occasionally tweeting about it and telling my family and friends. Thinking about it is overwhelming; I need to dust off those old marketing books.

But being here is terrifying. It’s six full months from when I first declared I was gonna do it–partially because some serious real-life things happened and sucked the energy out of me, but also because publishing, actually publishing, is game time. Can’t un-ring that bell. Have to have the thick skin in case people hate it or don’t get it or just don’t buy it. It has been a week of sleepless nights, and I haven’t even done anything yet. 

I’m both extremely excited and really afraid, like the heartbeats before the curtain rises on opening night, when you can hear the susurrus of the crowd settling in and you know this is the time you might pull a Jennifer Lawrence and fall right on your face. 

And yet I know it doesn’t mean practically anything to anyone I know: I’ve mentioned it to a few people, and the reaction is universally, “Oh? That’s nice.” Inside it feels like brass-band news, but self-publishing isn’t really the finish line anymore. That’s the thing I’ve learned the most about this process: the finish line keeps moving–First it’s “get it written.” Then it’s “make it good.” Then it’s “get it published.” Then–the finish line that is perpetually moving further back–it’s “make it popular/make money.” And then, of course, start again. 

But… the curtain’s going up. It’s showtime. Because it’s better than not trying at all


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8 responses to “On the Precipice of Publication

  1. Welcome to the unwashed masses of self publishing! Unsolicited advice – make the biggest splash you can when the book goes live. Social media, eBook ad sites (if you plan on 99 cent or free launch, there are tons of sites out there who will promote for you), post those reviews from your ARCs. Good luck!

    • Thanks! I’m intimidated by those ebook ad sites–any suggestions?

      • Bookbub is the king of these. Crazy selective and crazy expensive. You probably won’t get in, but if you do, I understand it is worth every penny. eBook Soda, ENT Reader, Choosy Bookworm and Fussy Librarian are some I’ve had a little luck with. Many more out there. Worth subbing to all the free ones you can find if you meet their qualifications.

      • Great suggestions, thanks! And it’s good to know there are other zombie-lovin’ authors who find success!

  2. I feel ya! It’s scary. Good luck!!

  3. You articulated a lot of the same thoughts and feelings I’ve had. I’m at the same point and I’m about a week away from publishing my first book of a series and it is a bit nerve wracking 🙂 Best of luck with your release.

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