A Voting Law I Could Support

Happy election day, Americans!

Today is the day that less than 40% of the population will head out and participate in our representative democracy, voting in elected officials from state governors all the way down to local judges and yet another school board member, having a small but important part in deciding the laws for all 100% of our people—because that’s the American Way!

Seriously, get out and vote. Voting is a really important and yet really easy thing to do, and it boggles me that so many people just say “eh, I didn’t feel like it.”

My state was one of a few that went out of its way to make voting harder for people—thanks for that voter ID law, Texas government!—but voting took literally 10 minutes. And I got a sticker, so that was fun.

But what voting law might I support? A law that it is illegal to complain about the laws/politics if you don’t vote.*

It would dramatically improve the political climate in our country, I think! Just imagine if 60-70% of the country could no longer complain about this that or the other! And what of the talk-show pundits? I’d bet at least one (but probably more) would forget to vote, and then we’d get something like this:

“Welcome viewers. Because of the new Vote or Shut Up law, one that you may remember I strongly encouraged the passage of, I am unable to continue with our scheduled program, as it was revealed that voting closed two days ago and I forgot. A police officer served me with a notice of my violation this morning.  Therefore, today’s talk will be: Butterflies—Why Do They Think They Are Better Than Moths?

I believe those bright-colored fanatics are just trying to trick us into following their “pollination agenda”…”

And I would wager at least a portion of elected officials don’t bother voting, too. Can you just imagine a senator being escorted off the floor because he hadn’t taken 15 minutes to participate in the will of the people?

It would be chaos at first, sure, but then it would be blissfully quiet. Maybe we’d actually get something done?

Anyway folks, don’t forget to vote. It’s worth a lot more than complaints.

*Note: This is moderately sarcastic. Moderately. Except sometimes I wish it weren’t.

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  1. I fully support this law. For the South African context I’d like to add the following: if you don’t vote you’re also not allowed to take part in any protest actions against the government, for whatever reason.

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