Deaths in The Iliad Infographic

For all your Classics class needs, someone made a great infographic on all the deaths in Homer’s The Iliad.

I just love this. I nearly minored in Classics in college (I had already double-minored, though, so that seemed a little excessive) but I just loved those classes. My favorite class of all time was a Classics/Archeology class where we watched famous movies and talked about how much they got wrong. For that class, I blazed through the entire Iliad in two weeks (on top of my other courseload) so…while I remember a lot of it, I forget a lot of this fine-detail stuff. And it must have taken so much data to get this one beautiful infographic! High-quality stuff, this.

(If you can’t read Greek, here’s a translation of the bottom portion:

  • Badass! Most kills in one book – Patroclus
  • Most Consistent – Achilles
  • Most Overlooked – Diomedes
  • Most Bloodthirsty – Agamemnon
  • Sneakiest – Teucer
  • Most Useless – Paris

Poor, poor useless Paris. He can’t help that all he can do is lob some arrows.)

Oh, and if you like this, I *highly* recommend you go read The Song of Achilles. It’s just so much fun; the best modern take on the genre I’ve read.
Brb, gonna go rewatch Troy for the thousandth time.

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