Murder-Fiends of Summer

I just got back from my epic and relaxing vacation at the beach, and I plowed through 3.5 books in a week–most of them from the recommendations of my friendly commenters (Thanks, guys!). In other words, I have a lot of reviews coming soon.

Before we get to that, though, I’ve gotta say: you guys are some sick weirdos! I ask for summer beach reads–more precisely, “light but engaging stories available digitally. No horror or gritty fantasy (looking at you, Game of Thrones). Genre fantasy/sci-fi is good but only if it is a bit original (ex. I read The Black Unicorn and it was TERRIBLE)”–and you guys provide suggestions for murder, disturbing deaths, horrifying wizardly accidents, and more murder.

In other words, I love you guys.

I read:

  • Skin Game, the latest Dresden Files book, recommended by KokkieH.
  • Blackbirds, by Chuck Wendig and recommended by Michael Patrick Hicks.
  • The Bride Wore Size 12, by Meg Cabot, recommended by me to myself. (yes, the title intrigued me)
  • Sick Puppy by Carl Hiaasen, recommended by Twitter friend @ronielise

A recap for those who aren’t following: we’ve got a possibly-turning-evil powerful wizard fighting ghouls, witches, and monsters who have a taste for dismemberment; a girl who can see people’s deaths; a college dorm coordinator who somehow ends up solving murders; and a criminal with an anger management problem and a preference for saving the environment.

You people are the reason I started imagining murder scenes at my resort. Thanks a bunch.


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4 responses to “Murder-Fiends of Summer

  1. In my defence, I didn’t recommend Skin Game specifically, I merely pointed out the Dresden Files novels are fun reads 😉 I’m only at number 5 now, so have a while to go before the newest instalment.

    Hope you didn’t JUST read at the beach. I mean, it’s the beach. One of the few places that can get me to voluntarily put a book down!

    • I did not merely read, though I loved that! There was a lot of travel time and reading otherwise happened at night, when the beach was closed. Daytime was beach time!

  2. I saw this when you first posted it but I am excited to see what you think about “Sick Puppy”. Carl Hiassen is one of my Dad’s favorite authors.

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