How Quickly Do You Read? Take the Test!

Fun little test here to see how quickly you read (and there’s a vital comprehension part to ensure you aren’t skimming and cheating).

Mine was pretty quick, in the 575 words per minute range, which was faster than I’d expected! Supposedly at that rate I could read all of War & Peace in just over 17 hours–hard to believe, really. (But could I read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone in two and a half? Bet your bottom dollar. In fact, I might’ve…)

Plus it tells you how many books you could read on an ereader without recharging. Clever.

Fun and quick. How do you rank?

ereader test


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8 responses to “How Quickly Do You Read? Take the Test!

  1. Adam M.

    Interesting. Though after taking the test I got somewhere around 23% above the national average. Some 300 words a minute, or close to that. I feel now that I has teh dumb and should really start reading more.

  2. Adam M.

    Well I know but I know I would have dine better if I read more.

  3. I took it three times. With the first text, which I didn’t recognise, I score 306. With the other two, from Alice in Wonderland and Wizard of Oz (neither of which I’ve read, but with which I am familiar) I scored 384. I noticed with the first I stumbled a few times, having to go back and reread a sentence. That tells me the style of a piece will have a big influence on reading speed. For example, two and a half hours for Philosopher’s Stone sounds about right (the test placed me around six hours), but I’m very sure I won’t finish War and Peace in the thirty-three hours it says I will.

  4. 704 words per minute for a sixth grader!!!!! 184%!!!!! WOOOOOO!!

  5. I got 911 words a minute, but the book they tested me with, “The War Of The Worlds” is one that I know really well. I suppose I should try again and see what else they offer.

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