Best Social Media Advice Ever

This post by the Bloggess is the best and truest advice about social media I have ever seen.

It was on the internet, so it must be true.

As a new-ish blogger, it’s easy to find tons of “advice” about how to be rich and famous and awesome. It’s freakin’ everywhere. I have to keep up with a high-level internet marketing blog that shall not be named for my 9-to-5, and it’s full of those shitty articles, except they aren’t kidding. And every time I look one over, I see gads of banal comments about how “OMG THIS is the best advice ever!”

Spare me.

At the day job, I can’t say anything for fear of pointing out the emperor is naked, but I have always held the belief that the incredible vast majority of internet stardom is generated by pure dumb luck. The internet is mostly about showing up and getting lucky. (Unrelated, but the internet is also the reason every time I hear that Daft Punk song I think it’s saying “Get Loki.” Which is fun).

Don’t trust anyone who says they know the answer; they’re lying.

The best advice I have is better spoken by a Blue Tang…

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