Get a Hobby, You Bum!

For some aspiring authors, writing is serious business. And, sure, I get that. You want to do something well, you want others to like it, you want to get published and make all the money (or at least enough).

But after reading article after article about writing as a business, it starts to feel like this:

And that, I think, is a little much.

I don’t think writing or book-making or whatever should be your end-all-be-all. In fact, I think making it so would be a quick way to stifle your creativity. You need to do other things sometimes, too! Take on new experiences! In other words, get a hobby!

honeybee cupcakes

I have a couple of hobbies, and while that sometimes makes scheduling a bit tricky, I think it also makes my life richer.

For example, I bake overly complicated cupcakes.

(These had buttercream icing swirled, yellow jellybeans decorated with black icing, and almond slivers for the wings to make honey pots with bees for a baby shower.)

I also do a lot of random crafts. I went through a wreath phase earlier this year, and also made this door hanger.

The point is, do something else sometimes. It’s good for you.

And, you never know: you might get a great story idea while you’re AFK.Speak Friend and Enter


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3 responses to “Get a Hobby, You Bum!

  1. vjstracener

    If we didn’t have hobbies what would we write about??

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