Now with: Editing!

I added something new to my blog. You might have noticed it, but then, perhaps not. It’s discreet and coy, sitting up there on the navigation bar, swizzling its straw in a drink with an umbrella in it, hoping you’ll notice.

Yes, that’s it. Editing.

MEK-edits-logoI’m proud to announce that I now, in addition to my writing and general blogging, am offering editing services.

The truth is out: I can’t hide my infatuation with commas any longer. No more will I hide my affection for clean syntax! I shall no longer cower behind my dictionary!

No, I shall take up my red pen (or Track Changes in Word) and use my powers for good!

In all seriousness, I have worked as a copyeditor and proofreader for 6 years, in newspapers, magazines, and private companies. As I have gotten acquainted with more writers online, I’ve noticed the gap between writers and quality editors; there are a lot of complaints about high prices, a difficulty of access, and unqualified folks.

In contrast, I’m offering reasonable prices (and am open to negotiation, if need be), you’ve already found me and I’m available by email, and I’ve got experience. You can check out my samples on my editing page, or, if you need further convincing, send me a message and I’ll do a few sample pages for you to let you decide for yourself.

I believe an editor can help all of us and, particularly as self-publishing and indie publishing continue to flourish, I’d like to help other authors overcome some of the obstacles to a completed work.

Please drop me a line at mekedits(at) if you’re interested. I’m also listed on, which is in beta release. I’d love to work with you.

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